Choose You’re Enough: Just What that Means

In life, we are all faced with a decision: are we going to spend our lives comparing ourselves to others and finding that we fall short of this false ideal? OR, are we going to look inside ourselves and recognize that we are enough? This question is one that I wrestle with habitually. But when... Continue Reading →

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A Break Up Letter to my Mother

Dear mom, I’m breaking up with you. It’s time to sever the ties that have been cutting into me for 30 years. It’s NOT me, it IS you. Here’s the thing: relationships are supposed to be two-sided. I shouldn’t have to do all the work. I have spent years being the peace-maker, the people pleaser.... Continue Reading →

This Road I Take

  “I never thought you would go down this road.”  These words were meant to inflame, to make me question myself and my faith. Instead, here I am going down that road with windows down and musical tunes blaring. This road they talk about is one that has taken me into the LGBTQ community. This... Continue Reading →

I’m Back…

I'm back and hoping to post more often...that said, anyone who has read anything I've blogged will wonder: Where have you been? The last time I posted the topic was a heavy one. I talked about my experiences with sexual abuse. What I didn't expect was the feelings and self-work I would be doing the... Continue Reading →

Choose to Embrace the Change

It has been quite a while since I last posted (over 6 months actually)! In that time things have changed. In my last post, I talked about choosing your perspective. I talked about how where I worked could be a place that could be negative if I didn't choose to focus on the positive. Little... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Perspective we view's point of view. Your perspective in any situation can determine how you respond to that situation. For instance, I work with kids ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade who struggle with impulse control/anger issues at times. There is much more to it than that, but that is the simple version. At... Continue Reading →


(Original text: Written in 2007, revised 2018. Upon the first writing of this, the emotions were raw. I had never expressed much of this or talked about my history of abandonment, my eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, and feeling as if my life was in complete disarray.) Opening her eyes in the darkness of her safe... Continue Reading →

Among the Shattered Pieces

At the bottom of the bottle She thought she found her escape Little did she know, bottles tend to break Leaving brokenness in their wake   One bottle shatters Breaking the strength of a family Leaving scars on children She failed to protect   A bottle shatters confidence In a young girl's heart Whose mother... Continue Reading →

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